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TopPlus-Web-OpentypeProduct Information

Date 2017.09.22

With the product TopPlus-Web-Open, the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy breaks new grounds and creates for the first time a consistent web map, completely based on free or open data sources.

For this purpose, the BKG merged, processed and combined many different data sources in order to achieve the best possible map presentation.

The web map is available as Internet service via standardized interfaces (WMS/WMTS) and can be used freely by anyone.
Thus, the web map can easily be integrated into common GIS systems and web map applications as e.g. OpenLayers or Leaflet and applied on various devices from smartphone to desktop PC.

The web map TopPlus-Web-Open has 18 predefined levels of detail - from the worldwide overview map to the detailed city map in Germany. As standard, the product is available in the widespread Web Mercator Projection (EPSG: 3857). Via the WMS interface, the web map may also be called in further common projections.

More information to our product TopPlus-Web-Open as well as a link to the interactive web map can be found at: http://www.geodatenzentrum.de/geodaten/gdz?l=down_topplus_open

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