Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy

DLM250 UpdatetypeProduct Information

Date 2017.02.13

DLM250 available as updated version

The Digital landscape model on the scale of 1:250,000 (DLM250) of the Authorative Topographic-Cartographic Information System (ATKIS) is available as updated version adjusted to the AAA (AFIS-ALKIS-ATKIS) data model.

The changes in the datasets apply to the annual top updates of feature types with capital importance and the capture of new features and attributes in the theme settlement.

By compacting the datasets a harmonization of the acquisition criteria based on the GeoInfoDok has been achieved. The dataset is released as level structure as DLM250 (levels) and as compact dataset in NAS as DLM250 (compact).

Please visit our open data site for free download.