Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy

BKG implements INSPIRE Directive

Date 2018.02.13

The INSPIRE Directive, establishing an infrastructure for spatial information in Europe has reached a milestone on November 23, 2017.

All EU member countries are obliged to provide their spatial data for the themes of INSPIRE Annex I in a compliant and interoperable way since that date. The Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG) has fulfilled this legal obligation for its spatial data products in time. INSPIRE-compliant spatial data is now available throughout Germany for the medium scale range, i.e. approximately in the scale 1:250,000, for the following INSPIRE themes:

  • Administrative Units (INSPIRE AU) derived from the Administrative Areas 1:250,000 (VG250),
  • Hydrography (INSPIRE HY), Transport Networks (INSPIRE TN) and Protected Sites (INSPIRE PS) derived from the Digital Landscape Model 1:250,000 (DLM250),
  • Geographical Names (INSPIRE GN) derived from the Geographical Names 1:250,000 (GN250) - this spatial data has been INSPIRE-compliant (and available) since 2015 but has now been updated,
  • Land Cover (INSPIRE LC) derived from CORINE Land Cover 10 ha (CLC10).

From now on, the BKG Service Center provides the spatial data as Open Data via INSPIRE-compliant download services (WFS) and view services (WMS). A separate area has been set up on its website: www.geodatenzentrum.de/geodaten/gdz?l=down_inspire

Furthermore, the INSPIRE services of BKG can also be searched in the German Geoportal: www.geoportal.de

The implementation of INSPIRE in BKG focused not only on the fulfillment of its legal mandate, but also on the active contribution to the INSPIRE Directive for interoperable spatial data across Europe. Therefore, the competence center and service provider of the Federal Government for geoinformation and geodetic reference systems has implemented not only the minimum requirements of INSPIRE. Especially, the results of the European Location Framework (ELF) project carried out in the framework of EuroGeographics were applied in order to use all the experience gained in harmonisation and edge matching of European geospatial reference data so far (www.elfproject.eu).

Technical details for the implementation of the INSPIRE services of BKG are available in the following presentation: Please click here (PDF, 433KB).

With the successful INSPIRE implementation, BKG is interested in how the INSPIRE-compliant spatial data is used. Any feedback from users is welcome. For the year 2018, the implementation of other spatial data for the themes of INSPIRE Annexes II and III - in particular Elevation (INSPIRE EL) and Statistical Units (INSPIRE SU) - is next up on the agenda.

Background information on the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG):
As central service provider of the German Federal Government and competence center for geoinformation and geodetic reference systems, BKG is concerned with observations and data management as well as analysis, combination and provision of spatial data. Especially federal institutions, the federal administration, business, science - and almost every citizen in Germany benefit from the work of BKG, an authority that reports to the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI). Experts from various fields like transport, disaster preparedness, internal security, energy and environment use spatial data, maps, reference systems and information services of BKG for their plans and investigations. BKG operates a Service Center in Leipzig (www.geodatenzentrum.de) and geodetic observatories in Germany and abroad.

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Press Release – BKG implements INSPIRE Initiative (PDF, 38KB)