Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy

Tasks and Organization

The Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy is the central service provider of topographic data, cartography, and geodetic reference systems for the German government.

The navigation system in our car guides us safely when it is working with reliable geoinformation. With outdated or wrong place or length data, we would often find ourselves in a field or even in a river again. Even when bridges or tunnels are being built, it is very important that everything fits.

It is therefore important that we collect information about properties and position from every point on the surface of our country, and that these so-called geoinformation are regularly checked. Without being aware of it, in many areas geoinformation is already as natural as electricity from the socket.

The legal basis of our work is the Federal Geo data Reference Act (BGeoRG) according to which BKG maintains geodetic reference systems and collects and provides reference data of the Federal Government for use by federal authorities and fulfills its international obligations.

With its service center the BKG offers a starting point for all users, with the DOP Viewer Germany can be viewed from above and via contact you reach the competent contact person, if you have any further questions.