Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy

Geodetic Information Systems and Projects

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International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS)

This service provides information on astronomical and global terrestrial reference systems and the data on the rotational behavior of the earth.

Link to IERS (www.iers.org)

GNSS Data Center of BKG

The GNSS Data Center collects the data of almost 200 globally distributed GNSS permanent stations for various international, European and national projects.

Link to GDC (igs.bkg.bund.de)

Information system for the BKG stations of the Integrated Geodetic Reference Network of Germany (GREF) - in German only -

Link to GREF (gref.bkg.bund.de)

Information system of the project for establishing the European Combined Geodetic Network (ECGN)

Detailed information on ECGN

Information system for the European Vertical Reference System (EVRS)

The web project EVRS includes information about this coordinate reference system and related projects as, for example, the realization of the EUVN and EUVN-DA.

Link to EVRS (evrs.bkg.bund.de)

Information system for European Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS-EU)

The system contains the description for national European and pan-European coordinate reference systems for position and height and transformation parameters to pan-European Coordinate Reference Systems and transformation for single points.

Detailed information on CRS-EU

Link to CRS-EU (www.crs-geo.eu)

Atmospheric Attraction Computation Service (ATMACS)

This is a joint service of BKG and DWD and provides time series for correction of atmospheric mass attraction in Gravimetry.

Detailed information on ATMACS

Link to ATMACS (atmacs.bkg.bund.de)

Absolute Gravity Database (AGrav) of BKG and BGI

The international database AGrav is a joint service of BKG and BGI to store and provide the results of absolute gravity measurements worldwide.

Detailed information on AGrav

Link to AGrav (agrav.bkg.bund.de)

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The projects “D-A-CH Geoid” and “European Alps Geoid” – improved cross-border height determination in the region of the European Alps

Detailed information