Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy

Information system for
European Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS-EU)

BKG has realized, in close cooperation with the Organizations EuroGeographics and EUREF, a freely accessible information system labelled CRS-EU containing the description of pan-European and national coordinate reference systems as well as their relations with each other. It is based on preliminary work done by the national survey administrations of the European countries involved. This information has been homogenized and edited in accordance with an ISO standard.

The information offered includes: 

  • Description (reference system, coordinate system or map projection) of the pan-European coordinate reference systems and the coordinate reference systems of European countries
  • Transformation parameters for the transformation of the national coordinate reference systems into the pan-European coordinate reference systems for position and height

This way, the requirements imposed by the users of geoinformation and by other users of geodetic-cartographic information shall be met in a better way regarding such issues as geodetic referencing.

A brochure - at present only in German - about geodetic coordinate reference systems generally, the context between geodetic datum and coordinate systems, the relations between coordinate reference systems and about the information system CRS-EU is available as PDF-file.


Link to CRS-EU (www.crs-geo.eu)