Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy

Absolute Gravity Database (AGrav)

As a contribution to the International Gravity Field Service (IGFS), a database was designed and implemented in a joint development of BKG and BGI to store and provide the results of absolute gravity measurements.

Two objectives are aimed at: With freely available meta-data and contact details, the database gives an overview about existing stations and observations, serves as a platform for multidisciplinary cooperation and allows the coordination of forthcoming measurements. Among contributing groups or within international projects, an exchange of gravity values and processing details is possible. The database will function as a data inventory, assuring long term availability of the data.

Prospectively, the database will be the foundation for a future international gravity reference system and will serve as a pool for geophysical interpretation of gravity observations on a global scale.

Link to AGrav (agrav.bkg.bund.de)