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Literature database GEOdesy, PHOtogrammetry, CArtography

GEOPHOKA is operated since the end of 1984. As of April 1, 2009 it includes 61 700 literature records and it is increasing by about 1300 records per year.

Thematically GEOPHOKA reflects the mentioned subjects in their complexity and with their correlations. That includes the theoretical foundations as well as measuring and analyzing methods and the work results of these disciplines.

For GEOPHOKA the literature of the mentioned subjects from home and abroad is analyzed regularly. That includes trade journals from industrially highly-developed countries, publications of international specialist organizations (IAG, ISPRS, ICA, FIG) and research and educational institutions as well as books and gray literature.

GEOPHOKA’s  literature records contain the bibliographic description of the source, descriptors that characterize its content and an abstract in many cases.

With the help of the search mask you can search online in GEOPHOKA. For this please enter the desired information in the mask in the appropriate search fields (e.g. author, title, journal) according to the rules of the MIRES “Help for Query”.

The language is indicated as three-character code according to ISO/DIS 639-2, draft of June 1996, e.g.: German – GER, English – ENG, French – FRE, Russian – RUS.

You may borrow the found sources from the libraries of the BKG:

-          F128 = Frankfurt am Main;
-          L191 = Leipzig;
-          B729 = DVW-Bibliothek Leipzig.

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